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Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd.
GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd. Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd. (HMACPL) is a joint venture company between GHIAL and Menzies Aviation. Menzies Aviation is one of the leading Ground services and Cargo Handling providers worldwide. Menzies Aviation currently operates at over 125 airports in 28 countries across five continents. Menzies Aviation has its headquarters in London and is part of the long established John Menzies Group.

HMACPL benefits from the unique blend of operational expertise and aviation experience from both shareholders. Menzies Aviation brings to the joint venture a wealth of international cargo handling experience, with world class procedures and practices proven throughout their global network. In addition GHIAL brings extensive knowledge of the local market within the Indian aviation environment

HMACPL provides a full scope of cargo handling services encompassing both physical handling as well as documentation services. Other services include warehouse handling including build-up and breakdown of ULDs, general supervision, tracing and irregularity management, customs interface, etc HMACPL has a world-class cargo terminal for the processing of bulk cargo, express cargo and mail. Our terminal is the first of its kind in India and has revolutionised cargo handling quality and performance. To facilitate the smooth flow of transit cargo, both international and domestic sections have been designed within the same terminal complex.

Our cargo terminal is equipped with the very latest in cargo handling equipment and is watched over 24/7 by 47 CCTV cameras. HMACPL has implemented proven cargo handling policies, procedures and processes based on Menzies international best practice, validated by many prestigious airlines globally. Our terminal has also been fitted with a world-class cargo management system HERMES that has been specifically tailored and designed for the Indian market.

HMACPL has made a significant investment in the IT infrastructure which has increased the overall efficiency of the day to day operations and as well as improve the quality of services provided to the customers. Hermes is a unique system that places service delivery at its heart by managing, controlling and tracking cargo through the entire distribution channel. A key feature of HERMES is the ability to manage the different service levels required by different products of the same customer. It also provides up-to-the-minute information on the location of all consignments. With HERMES, HMACPL can manage airside and landside events and track its operations in real-time, with the obvious benefits to its customers.
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